“Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their team. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish.
— Sam Walton


SouthLake Park Advisory Committee

Design - Deb France

SouthLake Representative - Bob Edwards

Legal Counsel - John Davis

Land Use Attorney - Wendie Kellington

Traffic Consultant - Marc Butorac

SouthLake Liaison for WUFC - Ranjy Thomas

Construction - Brian Gerritz & Scott Howard


WUFC Board

Executive Director & President - Ray Nelson

Chairman - Greg Gabler

Vice President - Kasey Saito

Secretary - Mike Hansen

Treasurer - Joe Sullivan

Recreational Director - Scott Howard

Communications - Erik Simshauser

Player Advocate - Bobbi Kelly

PDP Representative - Justine Keith

At-Large - Brian Gerritz


WUFC Staff

Executive Director - Ray Nelson

Director of Coaching and Soccer Operations - Jim Brazeau

Club Administrator - Ian Monihan

Associate DOC and Recreational Manager - Steve Piercy

Communications/Camps & Academies - Mike Iacolucci

Player Development Program Director - Alex Hockborn


Auction Chair

Bobbi Kelley


Leadership Committee

Jen Dennis

Leslie Melin

George Crace

Donna Crace

John Fullmer

Jordan Kent

Mike Iacolucci

Toby Daniels

Ray Nelson

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